1)Drill Machine

2)Screw Driver



5)Silicon Sealant Gun

6)Hack sow & Glass Cutter



9)Scaffolding & safety belt if required

Work Instruction for Fixing of Aluminium window

1)Actual Measurement /Quantity taken by contractor at site

2)Receipt of Aluminium window at site from Contractor

3)Ensure specification & Quality check of Material as approved Ensure quality of Workmanship as per following check

4)Track Cutting at 45 degree sharp

5)Clits of 1″ x1 1/2″ aluminum angle at Corner of Track Frame

6)Wool Pile For All Track Section & Interlock

7)2 Drain Holes for Bottom Track per shutter, Ensure no damage to the track Bottom while drilling Drain Hole

8)Screw for Cleat/Angle 4 per Corner

9)Shutter Section Cutting & fixing at 90 degree Sharp

10)Screw for Shutter Assembly 2 Screw per corner

11)Shutter PVC for Glass

12)Proper Assembly of Glass (It Should not Be Shatter)

13)Fixing of Bearing 2 nos per shutter @ 1 1/2″ from Corner of shutter Net fixed by U channel with Screw

14)S.S. Net should be tight

15)S.S. Net should be Tear free

16) Start fixing of window after acid wash & 1 coat of Internal Paint & Subframe paint

17)Before track fixing it is assure that sub frame fixed is in right angle by checking diagonals

18)Window shutter fixing with Track (excluding Net Shutter)

19)Track fixing on the sub frame with screw of required size @ 2′ C/c Lock fixing at centre of shutter

20)Slot for lock is of exact size (It should not be over size)

21)S.S. Net Shutter fixed after final Coat & acid wash, antilifter should be provided to each Shutter

22)Protection tap of Section remove after S.S. Net Shutter fixing

23)Silicon Sealant Filled at all Corner of Track & the gap between Bottom Track & sub frame

24)Visible verification of window for any Damage & Scratch

25)Clean the bottom track by air Blower

26)Ensure Smooth working of Shutter ( sliding) & it should be Tilt free Ensure smooth working of Lock


1)Do not allow sand to spread around and waste.

2)Do not waste cement due to mishandling of cement by drop / throws.

3)Do not waste the water used for curing.

4)Stop leakage through water pipes and filling of drum/tanks.

5)Spread some sheets below the work place for collecting the mortar falling down for reuse.

6)As far as possible paint by brush and roller instead of using spray to avoid paint particle floating in air.



1)While surface cleaning ensure doors and window are closed.

2)Ensure use of plastic coverage while external painting.

3)Use maximum of steel scaffolding.

4)Mixing of cement mortar should be done on proper platform.

5)Sand should be stacked properly and the sides to be covered by sand bags or bricks/Blocks partition.

6)Use water based paints instead of solvent – based paints.

7)For internal wall painting ensure doors and windows are kept closed in case of spray painting and the person working uses mask and cap.

8)Use proper plumb scaffolding; tie the entire platform used for men and material. Ensure ladders are sturdy.

9)Use handrail and guard rail while working at height. (guard rails)

10)Use safety Helmet, Shoes, Rubber Hand Gloves, Mask and Safety Belt. Ensure proper barricading around material lift machine.

11)Ensure lifting machines are not overloaded, & brakes are intact.