1) Measuring farma (1 x 1 25 ), ghamella or Concrete Tray (7′ 6” x 4′ 6” x 9’& 6′ 0 x 4′ x 8’Weigh Batcher with one Bag Mixture Or R.M.800 or  RMC plant with Transit Mixer, lift hoist, Concrete Pump.

2) Shuttering material like:- 12 mm C.Ply, Wooden Patti 3′ x 2′ , Joint channel 75 mm flange called shoulder of required . size, M.S. Props, Tie rod with nut of required  size, Shikanja 3 , Wooden Chavi 4 x 3 , Nails 1 ½ , 2 ½ , Lubricant.

3) Vibrator with needle of 60 mm & 40 mm diameter & measuring tape 5 m & 30 m, Scaffolding materials for staging, Trowel, Right Angle, Plumb bob.

4) Concrete cover block of required size, Spades, Pan, Wheel Barrow, concrete pump with all accessories or lift with hoist, Curing pipe, Hessian cloth, 6 cube mold, slump cone

Steel bar cutting machine, Bending machine, Hand cutter


1) Ensure the approved Good for construction, C.C. & Architectural drawings with revision status.

2) Make the column size mold with the help of 12 mm C.Ply & 3 x 2 x 8 wooden batten.

3) Batten is fixed over ply @ 10 c/c vertically. Both end of ply has also horizontal batten along the width.

4) Batten is fixed on edge over ply by 1 ½ Nails.

5) First we cast starter of column having height 6 after erecting proper steel & ring in column with cover.

6) Starter ensures the line, level & size of column at surface level. level.

7) Distance and diagonals & Center lines are checked strictly with respect to building face.

8) Makes farma of column is Erecting over starter with the help of Then M.S.

9) shoulder is placed with tie rod & nut, all four sides in such a way that 1 Shoulder should fixed over the starter, than 1 6 & there after 2 0 c/c up to top end.

10) All Tie rods are tight with the help of nut.

11) Lubricant should apply over the inner surface of ply before erecting form & false Vertical alignment & support is made by 3 m or 4 m props laterally, concrete pouring

12) level marked by nails in column Outer face of column is made vertical alignment with the help of props & turn buckle.

13) Line, level, orientation, size, rectangle, plumb checked by Engineer/ Sr. Engineer & permission issued for pouring concrete.


1) Reinforcement of column is cut & band in steel yard as per R.C.C. drawing & placed in existing reinforcement with appropriate lap.

2) Rings provided as per mention in drawing. Cover for reinforcement provided in center & top of column as specified in drawing.

3) Round precast concrete cover with center whole are fixed at bottom & top on all four faces before erecting shuttering.


1) Concrete prepared at site by mixer or placed order to R.M.C. Plant as mix specified in R.C.C. drawing.

2) For small column concrete placing is done by manually with spade & ghamella. If column is heavy than it pourd by concrete pump.

3) Concrete filled till level marked & finished by trowel. Vibrator needle of 60 is placed till get concrete is proper compacted.

4) Position of column rechecked 12 hours after de-shuttering & hessian cloth wounded for curring up to 14 days to 28 days.

5) If Honeycomb observed if any is finished with neat cement.

6) 6 cubes taken for checking for strength of concrete.

7) Record for work process, measurements & checked is recorded in M & M in process activity register (QAD/702), daily signed by Q.A. /S.I.

8) If required hacking is done @ 50 nos./sq. ft.


1) Cut Cement bag by removing stitches & change directly in beaching / mixing plant to prevent west of cement.

2) Do not throw / drop cement bags to prevent air pollution by dust generation.

3) P.U.C. Checked of all vehicle enter in premises.

4) Do not use Water pipe having any leakage / damage & prevent west of water.

5) Water drain should not leak.

6) Store empty cement bags separately for appropriate disposal or Use Hessian cloth to cover the concrete surface to reduce evaporation loss.

7) Spilled & west concrete should be used for temporary

8) Use sign board for awareness


1) Use Helmet, safety shoes, Rubber Hand Gloves & safety Belt at height.

2) Ensure that placing of concrete in proper sequence.

3) Always use good quality ladder.

4) Use of safety net, if a spacing in the slab.

5) Keep the area clean from iron bar & wooden pieces.

6) Proper sanitation provided.

7) Use earplug by vibrator operator & Pump operator.

8) Use industrial plug for temporary electric connection.

9) Use proper Barricading of edge portion of Slab.

10) Use sign Board for awareness for safety.

11) Ensure concrete pump delivery pipe is not tied to any supporting structure of Slab, Beam and Column.

12) Ensure horizontal pipes of Concrete pump are resting on M.S. Chair.