Security Cabin Equipment:-

 1) Layout working drawings

2) RCC drawings

3) Electrical drawing

4) Tools & plants

5) Machinery

Work Instructions:-

1)To issue approved drawings i.e. layout, working, RCC & electrical drawings.

2)Study of all drawings.

3)Line out of main entrance gate & security cabin.

4)Marking of final F.F.L. levels, road top levels etc & decide the plinth top level of security cabin i.e. min. 1’6” above adjucent F.F.L.

5)Record the OGL.

6)Excavation of footing for main entrance & security cabin.

7)Record the excavated levels.

8)PCC for footing.

9)Curing to all cement activities.

10)Mark the column centers.

11)Cutting & binding reinforcement for footings & columns of main entrance gate.

12)Laying & fixing of electrical conduits for main entrance gate columns.

13)Casting of footing & columns of main entrance gate.

14)Erection of designed m. s. gate, rest on pivot at GL & embed top hinges in RCC columns with m. s. plate & chemical fastener.

15)Keep 3” clearance between m.s. gate bottom & highest F.F.L., check the clearance with close & open position of the gate.

16)Granite cladding for entrance gate columns.

17)Electrical wiring for main entrance gate columns with control in security cabin.

18)Fixing of decorative light fittings on the top of main entrance gate columns.

19)In charge development to fill the checklist – ‘C’ duly verified & approved by P.E. & QAD.

20)Checklist handover to HOD co-ordination dept.


Security Cabin :

1)Cutting , binding reinforcement, shuttering & casting for footings , stub columns, tie beams, columns up to slab beam bottom, beam & slab.

2)Complete BBM of security cabin.

3)Internal plaster in gypsum & external double coat sand face.

4)Chemical w/p for slope roof slab.

5)Fixing of roof tiles.

6)Steel grey granite flooring size 12” x 12” & skirting of same granite, 5mm out side from gypsum finish Butt finish.

7)Door & window frame in Krishna grey black granite.

8)Door & window shutters in anodized / powder coated aluminum with plain glass. Internal & external painting as per project theme.

9)Carry out the furniture work in security cabin i.e. one table, key cabinet & shutters for control panels of fountain street lights & gate lights.

10)Fixing of one tube light & one wall clock.

11)Fixing of the name board on security cabin i.e. security.

12)Take NOC by QAD Engineer.

13)In charge development to fill the checklist – ‘C’ duly verified & approved

14)Checklist handover to HOD co-ordination dept.



1)During excavation sprinkle the water to reduce dust and prevent air pollution.

2)G.I. sheet as barricading to reduce noise level of machineries.

Health & Safety:-

1)Use helmet & safety shoes.

2)Before digging check underground utilities like water, gas & electricity etc.

3)Ensure snake bite kit is available in case of emergency.

4)First aid box

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