1) Demarcation and layout of boundary line

2) Working drawings

3) Cross section of wall

4) T. B. M.

5) Tools & plants

6) Machineries

Work Instructions:-

1)HOD D&D to issue approved drawings i.e. layout done with total station, working drawings, cross Section of wall and detail drawings.

2)Study of drawings.

3)Physical demarcation & line out by surveyor on site with total station.

4)Take the original ground levels w.r.t. TBM.

5)Excavation up to design strata & dewatering if required.

6)Take the excavated levels for estimation & billing purpose.

7)PCC as a leveling course.

8)UCR masonry below GL as per section drawing, 4 ” dia. PVC pipe weep holes at 5’0” C/C & staggered above at 2’6” height, RCC headers at 5’0” C/C & staggered above at 2’6 ” height.

9)Keep the expansion joint of 3” width after every five bays of BBM above UCR. Fixing of key stones at 2’ c/c distance at every layer of UCR for bonding the next above layer.

10)Max. height of UCR 1’6 ” above made up GL or adjacent plot which ever is higher.

11)Casting of the PCC coping 100mm thick above top of UCR.

12)Divide the entire length of wall in to equal bays between 9’ to 10’ ( each bay ). Keep the expansion joint of 3” after every 5 bays.

13)6” brick wall to be construction at external face between two pillar of 15 ” x 15” for each bay.

14)Height of compound wall including railing shall be min 7’ above ma de up GL. Top of pillar should be 1 ’ above railing / brick wall top.

16)Keep 4” gap between brick work & railing.

17)Grout the railing in brick pillar with two hold fasts on either side.

18)Pointing / plaster for UCR masonry above GL.

19)Double coat sand faced plaster from inside per drawing & design approved by D&D dept.


21)Painting of compound wall as per project theme.

22)Take NOC by QAD Engineer.

23)In charge development to fill the checklist – ‘C’ duly verified & approved by P.E. & QAD.

24)Checklist handover to HOD co-ordination dept


1)During excavation sprinkle the water to reduce dust and prevent air pollution.

2)G.I. sheet as barricading to reduce noise level of machineries.

Health & Safety:-

1)Use helmet & safety shoes.

2)Before digging check underground utilities like water, gas & electricity etc. Ensure snake bite kit is available in case of emergency.

3)First aid box with medicines available at site.